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Thank You For Your Patience
Posted by David Scott on 16 October 2015 01:54 PM

Our support wait times have been extremely long lately, we know this and we are working to fix it.  We are actively training additional staff to handle your requests, as well as systematically working to address the root cause of issues that are affecting some customers.  While the wait times have been long, we ask for your patience and please hold on the line for chat or phone, we will answer you.

If there are issues with any specific servers, we will post those at, we ask that you check there before contacting us, if it's posted on the status page, you can rest assured that our admins are working to resolve the issues.

We will be updating this page with solutions to common problems that have been reported to us, to enable you to help yourself in many cases.  Please check back often for updates. Our full knowledge base is available at the following URL:

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Recent DNS Issues
Posted by David Scott on 16 October 2015 01:49 PM

Over the past couple of weeks we have migrated many of our servers to newer, more powerful hardware. As the migrations completed all traffic to the old server was being automatically routed to the new server. After the main name servers were updated the old were then switched off. This has caused problems for any domains that are set with legacy name servers or for domains using custom DNS. We have attempted to update as many of these old name servers as we can find so if you have had domains that were offline recently they may already be corrected. If you have a domain that is still down, double check the name servers that the domain is using. To determine the correct name servers for your hosting account:


  • Go to and Log in to our billing portal.

  • Click on hosting accounts to list your accounts.

  • Click on the hosting account to expand its details.

  • Look for the name of the server listed next to Server: for example

  • The correct name servers would then be and

  • If your server name begins with dallas and three digits such as dallas125

  • The correct name servers to use are and or for resellers and

If your domain is using custom DNS likely the IP address it is pointing to needs correcting. Follow the instructions above to determine what server your account is located on. Then navigate to the following address:

  • htttps://server-name/cpanel

for example :


Once you login to the control panel, you will see your sites correct IP address listed in the column to the left of the page.


While updating your name servers should correct the problem the change does not take effect instantly. The new names servers will take several hours to propagate. If after 24 hours of making this change and your domain is still down, or the instructions provided here have not corrected your issue, please open a new ticket and use the following syntax for the subject so that we can respond to your issue as quickly as possible.


Subject : [servername] [account username] [main domain on account]

Provide as many details as possible including any error messages you are seeing and steps we can follow to reproduce the error if needed. 

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