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What Microsoft SQL Server version to you run?
Posted by - NA - on 11 October 2009 03:17 AM

Our latest Windows 2012 servers run Microsoft SQL 2012 Web Edition.

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06 June 2010 07:12 AM
"SQL Server Express" means free,why you use free D/B?

RESPONSE: Running SQL Server Express allows us to keep our costs at the low levels that you see. The only limitation of the Express edition is that each database can only be 10 GB (R2 version). 10 GB is very large for a database and customers with databases that large should be using a VPS or a Dedicated server.
Blake Smith
03 March 2011 12:47 PM
SQL Express is also limited on the amount of RAM it has access to and the amount of CPUs it can utilize. 1GB of RAM and 1 CPU in 2008 R2.
Arvand Sabetian
11 March 2011 03:35 AM
That is however on a per database basis. Unfortunately, we simply can't even provide anymore than that on a shared server. As you are sharing the server with other users, 1 GB of Ram and 1 CPU for just your database is quite a bit. (and these are very powerful servers with xeon 5620 cpus)
Lorne Kates
14 March 2011 11:44 AM
SQL Server Enterprise Edition also has Data Change Capture, which isn't available with Express. Is Enterprise Edition available, or an equivalent tool for change capture?
Arvand Sabetian
20 March 2011 02:20 PM
Unfortunately I'm not sure of an equivalent tool for that specific feature but we do not offer SQL Server Enterprise Edition. While you could request it on your VPS/Dedicated, please note that the licensing costs for such a version is above $1000.00 per month.
Lazarous Manda
08 November 2013 11:07 PM
How do I change from using mssql 2008R to MSSQL 2012
Michael Carr
20 November 2013 10:56 AM
You would need to be migrated to a new server that has MSSQL 2012 installed. If you contact our support we would be happy to setup the new account for you.
Ibrahim Saleh
18 May 2014 03:17 AM
What is the instance name of the SQL Server Express you are using?
I could not establish a connection using the default instance name "SQLEXPRESS"
Michael Carr
29 May 2014 11:58 AM
This depends on the type of account you have setup with us. If you can open a support ticket we will be glad to check the connection string for you.
Jon Torry
16 June 2014 05:59 AM

Is the database size unlimited on the 2012 web edition? (within the disk-size limitations of the hosting package of course)
Michael Carr
20 June 2014 10:07 AM
The max database size is 10GB.
Don Eligos
05 August 2014 05:32 AM
In answer I can find information: "Our latest Windows 2012 servers run Microsoft SQL 2012 Web Edition." also in question Is there a limit to the size of a database that I can have? we can find the same info: "Our latest servers (Windows 2012) run MSSQL 2012 Web edition".
However in comments there Michael Carr asked "So MSSQL express is the version you guys provide in PersonalClass ASP package?" answers "Yes, that is correct." .

On the main site in description of PersonalClassASP in tooltip info is: "MSSQL 2012 Standard are only offered with shared hosting accounts"

So, which information is correct?
Michael Carr
06 August 2014 09:16 AM
This answer depends on the plan you select. Our shared Personal class plans supply Web edition. Business Class supplies standard.
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