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Posted by - NA - on 31 October 2009 01:13 AM

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cPanel customers have the ability to go to their cPanel (their control panel) and under the Files section click the R1Soft Restore Backups button to restore backups of their files. ASP (Windows) customers cannot currently do this themselves as we do not have the ability to add to their DNP (their control panel aka. DotNetPanel) this button.

Restores can either be done immediately (if the staff member is free enough to handle such a request on the spot), but in most cases, such a request should be done via email to support [at] That email will automatically create a ticket in our system and as staff go over the tickets queue, they'll get to this request and follow up on it.

How often are backups done?

While we cannot guarantee backups, we strive to have at least 1 backup available from the last 7 days.


While we attempt to have the latest backups at all times, the backup system is meant to provide us (Arvixe) with a way to completely restore the system in cases of disaster recovery. Therefore, we do not provide any guarantees as far as the ability of an individual customer restoring just their account.

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Scott Brickey
10 June 2010 08:43 AM
wouldn't the businessClass backups (of 4 hourly + 4 daily + 4 weekly) total 12 backups instead of 16?

Otherwise, very thorough! :)


RESPONSE: You are correct. Thanks. It has been corrected.
18 January 2011 01:15 PM
I think the word "disclaimer" would be more appropriate than "guarantee", since there is not really anything being guaranteed.
Arvand Sabetian
31 January 2011 01:40 AM
John McIntosh
21 January 2011 10:16 AM
Terrific backup system. Now I can sleep at night.
Joe Ramos
04 April 2011 03:49 AM
Is there a way to Restore a MSSQL backup? Other than an email and waiting. We always get SOAP error messages when w use the cpanel, even though the restore button is there?
Arvand Sabetian
11 April 2011 03:33 AM
The restore is to restore your own .bak files. This article refers to a R1Soft system which backs up data to a backup system and mainly for the restoration of data in case of catastrophic failures. If you do have a .bak file, you should be able to restore using a restore button. If you are having issues, please let us know via a ticket so we can look into why you are getting the error.
Simon Richard
20 April 2012 05:23 PM
When going onto R1Soft Restore, the latest backup I see is 20 days old. Why is it that way ? Is there somethung wrong ?
Michael Carr
12 May 2012 06:10 PM
There could be a configuration issue with your account. Contact our support and we will be happy to take a look for you.
Mark Abrams
31 May 2012 03:01 PM
I would like to do a backup of my sql server 2008 r2 database from Arvixe to a local development machine (sql server 2008 r2). I am currently using the scheduled tasks to create a backup, but there are no options for incremental or full back up or anything like that. I get the .bak file and copy it to my server. When I try to restore it I get an error: "is formatted to support 1 media families, but 2 media famalies are expected according to the backup device specification." I have tried a number of things and done a bunch of google searches on this but to no avail so far. Can you help me to understand what the issue is, and how I can resolve it? Thanks!
Michael Carr
27 September 2012 10:14 AM
I would suggest opening a support ticket, running a database dump will always create a full backup file, there is no way to make incremental SQL dumps.
Zubair Backt
22 January 2013 04:55 AM
In a resellerClass if one of our clients website is on Wordpress and they done something wrong to files, database and loss emails, so that if we want to restore a day before backup for the files, database MySQL/SQL and emails. Is it possible?
Michael Carr
28 January 2013 05:43 PM
Yes, that is very possible. You can login to their control panel and use the R1soft/Idera backup tool to restore data for that user. There will be several restore points available. If you need help doing this feel free to open a support ticket and we will be glad to assist.
Jim Reekes
20 August 2013 10:18 AM
Michael, is the R1Soft service still part of the package we were promised?

It's been down, not performing backups, and all of my previous restore points are lost.

Arvixe support is advising me that I don't rely on R1Soft and instead do my own backups.

Is, or is R1Soft not part of our offer? What backup are made available, because it doesn't currently work as described in this article.
Michael Carr
21 August 2013 11:14 AM
The type of backups setup to be available vary from account type. We make every effort to have as much data available in our backups as possible, but they should never be thought of as entirely foolproof. We offer them for free as a convenience but backup servers can suffer issues just like any server. You should always retain periodic local backups as well of any critical data.
18 September 2013 06:06 AM
Being a ResellerClass ASP PRO, having more domains, is it necessary for me to have a local backup of each domain? Two types backup is available for me, one is the Backup Option that the CPanel offered and the other one is by the downloading the wwwroot folder, subfolders and files.
Michael Carr
30 September 2013 08:40 AM
We take automatic backups of your reseller accounts, beyond that I would create periodic local backups as well by downloading site date to your local machine.
25 September 2015 07:50 PM
Funny how when Arvixe crashed my server and lost all my data, they didn't have any backups around...
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