Changing a mailbox password via webmail
Posted by - NA - on 25 November 2009 02:08 AM
Q: How can I change my mailbox password from my webmail?
A: A simple answer is:
  • Windows (DotNetPanel) users cannot change their password via webmail. You can do that from your control panel only.
  • Linux (cPanel) users can change their passwords via webmail (go to -> login -> click the Change Password button)
The longer answer to this is that the IMAP protocol does not have a "change password" function. So we can't send a command via IMAP to the server to change the mailbox's password.

On Linux (where we use cPanel), cPanel's webmail interface engulfs the webmail scripts from within, so since you are logging into cPanel's interface first instead of webmail directly, passwords can be changed.

On Windows, the webmail Arvixe use is AfterLogic, and it does not integrate fully with the mail server (hMailServer) and so customers cannot change their passwords via webmail.

It's kinda like asking Microsoft why Outlook does not allow you to change your mailbox password and why you need to gain access to the mail server to do that. It's the same idea.

If in the future, AfterLogic is updated (it is not developed by Arvixe, it is a 3rd party software) to integrate with hMailServer (which is also 3rd party software), then we'll be able to update our software here to provide this ability.

The only way to actually allow users to change their passwords without logging into DNP is to code an interface which plugs into DotNetPanel API. So if Afterlogic had a way to plug into DotNetPanel API then it could change the password.

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Reza Patel
29 April 2010 03:33 PM
Disappointing though!

Usually email users don't have access to the control panel and neither would they be comfortable with the idea of someone else creating passwords for them. There really should be an interface at least that should let the email users change the password.

RESPONSE: We are now able to offer this feature on servers so please open a ticket and we'll take care of it (changing of the password through webmail).
Arvand Sabetian
22 October 2012 01:44 AM
You can now change your password via the webmail on Windows/ASP plans as well. This is done through the webmail's settings section.
28 April 2014 07:49 PM
I don't see this change password option anywhere in the settings in squirrelmail
Michael Carr
30 April 2014 09:59 AM
Its listed under options after you login.
joel delpay
23 March 2015 12:47 PM
How do access email online? I am on a windows hosting
Ryan C
31 March 2015 11:07 PM
This would be at
Sergio Belmar
19 November 2012 04:58 AM
When my users want to change their passwords through the webmail, they receive the following error: "Failed to create COM object `hMailServer.Application': Access is denied. "

I have a ASP Personal plan with arvixe.
Michael Carr
19 November 2012 02:39 PM
Which webmail program are you using ? This should work through squirrel mail. If that is what you are using I would suggest opening a support ticket and letting us take a look for you.
Dan Nigrin
29 April 2014 12:24 PM
So it's now 2014, and there is no Squirrel Mail option for Windows/ASP users. Is there really no way that email users can change their own password??
Michael Carr
30 April 2014 09:56 AM
the recommended option on Windows accounts is Mywebmail which is squirrel mail. Under options after logging in any user can alter their password.
Hans de Bruyne
14 January 2015 04:03 AM
Where do I find Mywebmail. I am looking for 2 days now, but I can't find any webmail in my account (ASP Personal Pro).
How can I let my users access webmail?
Ryan C
28 January 2015 10:45 PM
The"mywebmail" is accessible on our Windows shared hosting plans by typing into the browser. A splash screen should come up to let you select between mywebmail and round cube.
Richard Cox
17 July 2014 07:10 PM
I am trying to setup email alerts on my DROBO (mass storage device). it is asking for the "To email Address' and that one is easy, it's my own email address but it also is asking for the "From Email Address" and that one has me stumped. It also is asking for the "Port (address)" and I don't know what that number should be. Since this uses "authentication" I have checked that box but I have obviously forgotten my username and it's associated password (I have asked Arvixe support) to let me change the password (assuming I know the correct username) and have a ticket into Support to do that.
Michael Carr
22 July 2014 12:11 PM
You will want to use the email address that you have setup on your Arvixe account and its password. Support will be able to assist you with those values if needed.
Rittikiat W.
06 July 2015 01:03 AM
Can you help me ? I don't see the change password option anywhere in the settings in Roundcube Webmail? I am on a windows hosting.

Thank you.
Ryan C
14 July 2015 11:00 PM
Please contact our support department so that way we can investigate this for you.
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