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When creating a website or making changes to it, you may start to receive -


when viewing the website through the control panel (instead of the website properties). As websitepanel is simply a web frontend for IIS, this error outlines an issue with one of the following -

1) You removed the wwwroot the website was pointing at. The folder the website was pointing at must always be present. IE, by default, each website in WSP is under . So, if you remove either wwwroot or, you'll need to recreate that structure.

2) The web.config you are using is malformed. To check this, simply move the web.config to outside of the wwwroot or remove it. If that was the cause then the websitepanel website properties will show up fine. You can do this using the file manager.

3) The permissions on the wwwroot or the files within (mainly web.config) are not correct. Simply go to the file manager, and click on the lock box beside wwwroot of the domain name in question and set it to have read (at least) and write for the user in question.


In some cases, if you have your files uploaded prior to creating the website, if one of the issues above exist (2 or 3) it is possible that the website is not properly created (website is created but not app pool or vice versa). This will cause a situation that you will need to contact our support staff about as they'll have to manually remove the website and app pool entries for you to be able to create the website. Note: As a best practice, always make sure that the folder does not exist inside your root before creating a website for This way, the process does not fail due to malformed web.config or improper permissions on the folders.

You will also receive this error when switching to ASP .NET 1.1 . As the IIS GUI itself throws an error under a 1.1 App pool, this is unfortunately a cause of running the website under the old framework. Your website however will function fine. If you wish to change out of this framework or remove the website, simply contact our support staff.

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Arvand Sabetian
12 January 2011 08:36 AM
This has been fully discussed at
David Tillery
01 April 2011 11:14 AM
Well, I tried all three suggestions and I still got the error

(I needed to set the ASP version to 4.0..which I'm CERTAIN that I did at setup...but I did not take the time to double check because it already takes and hour to do 10 minutes of work due to the slowness of the control panel).

Nothing worked.

Finally, I stopped the web site then again I reset ASP to 4.0.

That took. Now I'm working.

Arvand Sabetian
11 April 2011 03:30 AM
I'm glad you got it working.
Douglas Anderson
27 February 2013 09:31 AM
I tried the suggestions and I still get an error (although the error is different: it just times out).

To be clear, one day I was able to access the properties through the control panel, and the next day I could not. I have three other sites and they work fine.

Is there any limit to the number I can have for secure directories?
Michael Carr
06 March 2013 10:15 AM
There is no limit to the number of secured directories. It sounds like you have a problem elsewhere, I would suggest creating a support ticket so that we can investigate in detail for you.
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