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Hi everyone! We've been making a lot of progress minimizing the amount of SPAM that leaves our servers. We have implemented additional monitoring to proactively check if one of our servers is blacklisted on a list of popular RBLs. We have created a bett...
Email Troubleshooting to get your mail working: EMAIL TROUBLESHOOTING * Make sure you use the full email address as your username. Example: * Make sure your user name is all lowercase. * Ensure that there are no additional...
While not strictly required, it is considered good practice for your application to live outside of your web root. For this tutorial, we'll be calling our account 'user' and our application 'myapp'.   First, prepare our application for use with the serv...
We have recently upgraded security to ensure all logins to webmail, cPanel, and WHM are encrypted. If you have old bookmarks or URLs that you used to access these services, you should change them to the new location. If you visit HTTP://YOURDOMAIN.COM.C...
It's very easy to see and pay your invoices! To access your invoices: 1. Login to the Customer Area: [] 2. Under "Quick Links" click on "My Invoices" 3. Click on ...
It's easy to renew your domain registration with Arvixe! To get started, please first login to your customer area here: [] 1. Under Qui...
Within your customer area, you can easily unlock or lock your domain registration: 1. Login to the Arvixe Customer Area: [] 2. Click on "My Domains" on the lefthand s...
If you registered your domain name at Arvixe you can login to the Customer Area ( []) and follow these steps: 1. Click on "My Domains" on the lefthand side under Quick...
Over the past couple of weeks we have migrated many of our servers to newer, more powerful hardware. As the migrations completed all traffic to the old server was being automatically routed to the new server. After the main name servers were updated the o...
* To avoid confusion and frustration, we want to ensure the limitations of our different hosting packages are clearly defined. This is expanding on our existing "how limited is unlimited" article which can be found here:
You can now modify the PHP version on your domain super easily, if you're a current Shared hosting customer, with the PHP Selector module in cPanel. WITH PHP SELECTOR WHAT IS PHP SELECTOR? PHP Selector resides in your cPanel dashboard. You can modify ...
WHAT ARE ERROR CODES? These numbered error codes are how the server tells website visitors about an error encountered. There are many different error codes that a server can deliver, but these are a few of the more common codes. The information in this a...
Transferring a domain is different than a .com .net etc… is assigned to the registrar by an IPS Tag. To transfer your domain to Arvixe you will need to * Have the current Registrar point the domain to our servers. This is done b...
In accordance with the sanctions programs administered by the U.S. Department of the Treasury, Arvixe is prohibited from doing business with anyone from certain countries, including Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Sudan and Syria, or with Specially Designated Na...
If your WordPress blog is stalling or not responding, this is most likely the result of a corrupted plugin or theme. When loading the blog in your browser, it will continuously load until it times out; or it will load with a blank page. DATABASE ISSUE ...
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