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What is the difference between the hosting control panel, billing, and support logins?
Posted by Arvand Sabetian (Import) on 26 December 2008 09:17 AM
The hosting control panel allows you to access and modify your web hosting account. Features such as Email management, file management, database management, etc. are found inside the hosting control panel. Your control panel access information was emailed to you when you signed up. Please contact support at support [at] if you need to have us resend this information.

Your billing login allows you to keep your contact information with us up to date . In the case of an expired credit card or domain expiration, we will try to contact you ahead of time. The billing control panel also allows you to renew accounts, order more accounts, sign up for discounts and other billing related functions. To login to your billing account, please go to

Finally, the support login allows you to login at to look at your past support and sales tickets. Tickets allow you to keep track of a certain question or issue within our support and sales departments. All past tickets will be available to you using your support login. You can also use your login to submit a support request using our web submittal system. This is similar to just emailing sales [at] and support [at] but when you submit a form on our website, you can be sure that we have received it.
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Gabi Miro
18 April 2010 01:57 PM
I came here in the first place, to find out whether the username and password for each of these logins are different or identical. With the username and password I had, I was able to login into billing but not into the cpanel. Though the above explains what is the purpose of each login, no information is provided regarding username and password.

RESPONSE: Each person's username and password is different so we can't provide you with your username and password in a public forum in this way. Please contact support.
Melkam D
12 July 2010 07:00 PM
Your answer to the above very legitimate question is nonsense. He/she is not asking for his/her username and password.
Let me pose my own question which I was expecting the answer to Gabi's question would answer mine too.

As a prospective customer, do I have to create 3 username/password sets for the 3 logins listed above? And then for all the addon domains that I am going to create?

RESPONSE: No. The support login is created automatically the first time you email [email protected] and the username is your email address. You'll never have to use this if you don't want to and you can always simply email [email protected] with your issues. When signing up, a billing and a hosting account username account are automatically created for you. If you haven't signed up with Arvixe yet, I suggest going through the sign up process and you'll see that it is made very clear when you are creating a billing username and hosting account (which is all bundled in the 3 step sign up process).

Addon domains are part of the hosting account and do not have their own separate login.
Sherry W
04 February 2011 06:28 PM
How do you get into c panel and rvsitebuilder.
Arvand Sabetian
11 March 2011 02:57 AM
cPanel login is inside your setup email or you can login at and click on hosting accounts and login to the hosting account of your choice from there. RVsitebuilder is an icon inside the cPanel -
20 February 2011 12:04 PM
Thanks for idea :)
Terry Moore
19 July 2011 01:26 PM

What does the hoasting control panel look like? Thank you.
Arvand Sabetian
25 July 2011 09:09 AM
Depending on which hosting plan you are going for, our linux plans use cpanel ( and our Windows plans use Websitepanel (
Djo Munga
03 December 2013 03:50 AM
Hi sorry how do I log into my hosting panel? I tried the user name and password I setup and both come as not being recognised. I just want to go in, and get my emails forwarded and responded using gmail. As it is, my emails are in limbo and I can't actually log into my account
Michael Carr
18 December 2013 01:25 PM
If you have a windows account the control panel login is, on Linux use If you need more help please contact our support by emailing [email protected]
Linda D
24 February 2014 04:05 PM
All of these questions, are mine as well. And not answered. Would you please give a sista a break and just send the link that'll get me into my cPanel, please?
Michael Carr
28 February 2014 02:56 PM
that would be the same as above, If you have a windows account the control panel login is, on Linux use If you need more help please contact our support by emailing [email protected]
27 September 2015 02:04 PM
I had a similar problem, turns out my Cpanel password was changed by the system automatically to be all lowercase. So if you had any uppercase letters in your original P/W give it a try with all lowercase instead. It worked for me.
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