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Can I use one of your shared hosting accounts purely for bulk mailings?
Posted by Arvand Sabetian (Import) on 11 August 2009 04:57 PM
No. Unfortunately our accounts were not created or meant for purely bulk mailings. While our users benefit from the luxury of being able to send out newsletters and similar mailings to their visitors/customers, we are not a bulk mailing/mailer service and do not allow such activity to take place on our PersonalClass or BusinessClass services. If our DedicatedClass is within your budget, please contact our sales department.
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Nikola Bogdanović
02 February 2011 04:27 PM
Hi, can you please clarify "our users benefit from the luxury of being able to send out newsletters and similar mailings to their visitors/customers" - i once or twice a month need to send a newsletter to under a 100 BCC recipients, who are all already consentual, and every mail contains a link for unsubsribing at any time. Will I on PersonalClass enjoy that "luxury", or is it considered a bulk mailing? Also, is there a required delay between subsequent sending, my concern is for 2 users registering at the same time (activation mails)?
Arvand Sabetian
11 March 2011 03:21 AM
I would keep it to 100 emails per hour to make sure it does not cause any issues for the recipient providers.
Jack S
28 June 2011 05:03 PM
I am a recent new customer testing a few sites that I want to eventually transfer here. All is working well and am happy thus far.

I have 2 mailing lists. We are currently using DaDa (which I have not tested on Arvixe yet). The larger list is about 300 members, all opt-in with unsubscribe links. With Dada we throttle the emails to keep the providers happy. Getting an IP blocked can be really annoying. That's one reason we ordered a static IP.

We send up to 3-4 newsletters a week. Was wondering if this could be a potential issue with Arvixe?

We also have another site using Buddypress and it has grown to about 80 members. Each time a member posts a message it gets sent to all subscribed members, simliar to a forum site.

Arvand Sabetian
30 June 2011 02:03 AM
Hello Jack,

Please note that bulk emailing is not tolerated in any shape or form under our shared hosting. However, as of 2 weeks ago, we have employed a shared outgoing mail gateway across all of our servers. Through great costs and effort, we have managed to properly filter these emails for bulk messages and spam. The messages that are left are sent out to providers and we've worked with providers such as Yahoo! to recognize that the new system does send a larger number of emails and to allow them through.

With the above said, regardless of whether you use a dedicated IP or not, if our outgoing filter recognizes your emails as bulk, they will be filtered and not sent through. We strongly suggest that you separate your hosting with your newsletters and to possibly consider our marketing class at for your email marketing purposes.
10 September 2013 10:05 AM
forgive my ignorance, but does the outgoing filter recognize mail sent via PHP mail?
Michael Carr
17 September 2013 11:29 AM
Yes, scripts found to be violating the mail limits are automatically disabled.
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